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Instrument Selection for the Evaluation of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities. Does it Really Matter?
December 21, 2023 - April 4, 2024


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Instrument selection: Selecting an instrument is a complex activity that should be based on a number of criteria. The important question is to ask what is the reason for referral and the characteristics of the child and if the instrument chosen is a good fit. That said, no single instrument can address the complexity of most referral questions.


The purpose of this webinar, through partnership with CEDS Division, is to help participants with selecting instruments and the importance of using multiple sources of data when evaluating children with specific learning disabilities. This webinar will review a case study example of a child with dyslexia that includes the use of multiple sources of data. 


Presenter: Dr. Jessica Rueter | Associate Professor, Special Education | The University of Texas at Tyler