Changing the Game: A High School District’s Successful Journey to Implement Co-Teaching, Rigorous Specially Designed Instruction Across Settings, and a Comprehensive MTSS

Yes, it IS possible to put into place in urban high schools the practices that can make a huge difference in outcomes for students with disabilities-co-teaching, a significant reduction in students receiving core academic instruction in a separate setting, high quality specially designed instruction, and a comprehensive MTSS system. Hear from te special education administrators at a high school district about the journey, the challenges encountered, and the successes achieved in this session. 

Participants will be able to:

  1. Apply ideas for improving the quality of specially designed instruction delivered to high school students with disabilities in co-taught and separate setting classes.
  2. Explain the key elements of a comprehensive MTSS model for high schools.
  3. Analyze effective high school co-teaching practices across subject areas and courses.
  4. Outline formal and informal policies that foster inclusive practices in high schools, including building teacher knowledge and skills and fostering administrative understanding. 

Presenters: Marilyn Friend, Kerri Piscitelli, Sue Feeney, & Dustin Cochrane

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